Hi, I’m Pauline, coach, advisor and advocate.

My focus is on enabling sustainable success for people and organisations by helping you to:

  • analyse your challenges
  • balance needs
  • creatively solve problems
  • facilitate change
  • fulfil your potential

I draw on my corporate experience, apply my executive leadership skills, and use my relentless curiosity to connect the dots so you can individually or collectively achieve your goals. Read my story

What sustainable success means to you

How you view sustainable success will be unique to you, your business, or your organisation. I’m passionate about thinking of success differently and am conscious that needs will vary person to person and organisation to organisation. How I work with you and the approach we take together is tailored accordingly.

“Pauline helped bring clarity to my plans for my business, and definitely cleared cobwebs from my brain!”  Read success stories


I focus on enabling driven people to balance their ambition with wellbeing, meaning, and joy. Working with corporate leaders, small business owners and individuals to create optimal coaching environments using empathy and incisive questioning. Learn more


I enable organisations to balance the needs of their stakeholders as a non-executive director and strategic advisor. I can bring a unique perspective, grounded in financial and risk discipline combined with a people-focused change lens. Learn more


I advocate for inclusion because more needs to be done and it will enable sustainable success for all. I’m passionate about inclusion and mental health agendas and drawing on my experience I support people and organisations working on these areas. Learn more

Sustaining ourselves IS success at this time

My perspective on balancing needs across all areas of your life during Covid-19. Read more.