• I’ve proactively designed a work life to maximise fulfilment

  • I’ve proactively designed a work life to maximise fulfilment

My story

I’m the middle child of nine children – there are five girls and four boys by the way – this is one of the first questions I always get asked! This was a defining experience for me; it’s when I first felt difference, an invisible difference that has been a source of incredible strength and joy as well as challenge for me.

I’ve always been academic and graduated with a 1st class degree in Computer Science. I then satisfied my long-held desire to work in financial services in the City by training as an accountant with KPMG. Having always felt compelled to progress, I further developed my career in audit with Aspen before joining Liberty Specialty Markets as the Head of Internal Audit. I continued my story of progression when I was appointed Chief Risk Officer by my mid-30s.

But behind the scenes of this progression, I struggled at times with stress and depressive periods, and realising the stigma this still held, I became an advocate of the mental health agenda.

Despite enjoying many aspects of my career, I was going through a lot of personal and professional growth and realised that my life and my career needed to go in a different direction… and so my journey to where I am now began.

My journey

When I reached the C-Suite role that I had always strived for, I realised that there was something missing for me, so I embarked on personal journey of discovery and learning. I sought to understand what truly motivated me through coaching, reading and reflective exercises. I then used this knowledge to proactively design a work life to maximise my career fulfilment.

It was via an executive-level programme director role for a strategic global transformation programme that I established my current portfolio career, allowing me to follow meaningful work that I really enjoy; motivating people, creatively solving problems, and delivering positive change. I currently do this in three ways; as a coach, advisor and advocate and I have had the pleasure of helping truly fantastic people and organisations. Read my client success stories.

  • Collaboration

    Inclusive team player focused on collective purpose and loving work

  • Curiosity

    Incisive questions and exploration with empathy to drive positive change

  • Commitment

    High quality delivery with a clear moral compass and outcome-focus

  • Executive leadership

    Executive Programme Director for global transformation, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Internal Audit