• Enabling organisations to balance stakeholder needs


I enable organisations to balance the needs of their stakeholders as a non-executive director and strategic advisor to help create sustainable success.

I can be the voice around the table that brings a unique perspective, grounded in financial discipline and risk management practices and combined with a people-focused change lens. View my experience.

This includes helping teams think through what is truly important to them, such as vision, purpose, values and also prioritising stakeholder needs and initiatives. I can then help measure outcomes and impact via their balanced scorecard on an ongoing basis.

I can support your business by

  • Serving on your board as a Non-Executive Director, supporting the board with strategy and business planning
  • Acting as a strategic advisor to your start-up, growing and established business, providing support to help growth in a sustainable way
  • Facilitating clear prioritisation for your organisation using the “Needs to Decisions” (N2D) Method – learn more below

I am open to discussing other interesting and creative opportunities for your business where I can apply my executive leadership skills and experience.

The N2D Method – enabling clear priorities for your organisation

The “Needs to Decisions” Method was designed specifically to cater for a diverse set of people with divergent opinions and is particularly well-suited to complex situations. It helps answer three important questions:

  • What are the most important needs of the most important people?
  • Where are our biggest opportunities?
  • Which specific things should we prioritise?

I am a certified N2D Method® practitioner; at the heart of the The N2D Method is the NeedRank™ algorithm that interprets the data we give it, in order to deliver a clear set of priorities. Get in touch to discuss how the modular approach could be adapted to meet your needs.

The N2D Method and NeedRank algorithm are copyright and registered trade marks (© and ®) of Subsector Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under licence.

Featured work

am a Non-Executive Director for The Union private members club. My role is to constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy, performance, risk and people.

I act as an advisor for a hospitality group start-up. I was onboarded to help create a conceptual vision for the business by building purpose, values and strategic focus areas for them.