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Coaching FAQ

Here are the answers to questions that I have been asked by the individuals, business owners and organisations I have worked with so far. Got a different question? Book a virtual coffee or email me:

Coaching provides a non-judgmental, open, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client — focusing on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals. It is a creative process that inspires the client to maximise personal and professional potential.

Transformational coaching is a powerful way of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviours.

Coaching enables a journey of self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness, and examine and reshape many areas of life. It is designed to facilitate the creation of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy for achieving those goals.

Regardless of if you are an individual, business owner or organisation, the sustainable success coaching process follows a system that has three steps.

Each step involves proven methods and techniques that are tailored for each client:

  1. Get a clear and balanced view of success for you
  2. Look inside and do some work
  3. Get to work outside with clear action plans

We repeat these steps together until you are successful. Only by testing, learning, and iterating can we achieve the success we desire.

Cost is very much dependent on your needs and requirements. I can offer one-off sessions or personalised programmes which are uniquely tailored to you and your objectives. I’m also happy to discuss undertaking pro bono work.

You can arrange a time for a complementary consultation with me to discuss your needs and investment by booking a virtual coffee slot.

I can offer face to face sessions in London and Ibiza. In London, I can host sessions at a private members club (either the Ned near Bank, or The Union in Soho), book a WeWork location, or come to your office.

I can host virtual consultations and meetings Worldwide via video conferencing on Zoom.

You can arrange a time for a complementary consultation with me to discuss your needs by booking a virtual coffee slot.

Featured success stories

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‘Pauline worked with me as my coach, looking at my professional and personal life. I really enjoyed the coaching process and particularly enjoyed working with Pauline.
I was able to address a number of professional and personal challenges successfully with Pauline’s assistance.
For anyone looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Pauline.’

‘Over the course of our sessions, Pauline helped me to find and bring out the best in myself through her thought-provoking prompts, challenging questions and insightful observations; delivered in such a considered and non-judgemental way. I finished with a much stronger sense of what my purpose is, where I find fulfilment and the strengths I have to offer. With a wealth of personal career success and experience to assist her, and an extensive list of reading recommendations for anyone looking to develop themselves, Pauline’s coaching is invaluable, and I highly recommend her.’

‘I was lucky enough to receive some coaching from Pauline recently – I’m in the process of setting up a social enterprise and was feeling stuck. Pauline quickly got to the nub of the matter, and through her careful and clever questioning, high empathy and supportive approach, helped me unlock the way forward. A brilliant coach, Pauline gave me the direction and confidence to move ahead at speed and create a successful business. Thank you!’