• Enabling ambitious people to create sustainable success with balance

Are you an ambitious person asking yourself these questions?

  • Is there more to my work life? I’m successful on paper, but there seems to be something missing
  • How can I balance everything and fulfil my potential? Where has my mojo gone?
  • What is my next best career move that delivers everything I want? How do I go about making a big change and do I have what it takes?

I can help you to

  • Understand your own version of success, meaning and purpose to help you make effective decisions 
  • Prioritise time with your family and friends, make time for self-care and fulfilling activities 
  • Work through successful career and role changes that balance different needs

We will also work on fundamental mindset shifts on the key blockers and enablers to sustainable success, such as setting boundaries, working on anxiety, managing change, addressing fear of presentations and improving money management.

Featured success stories

Read all my client success stories.

‘Over the course of our sessions, Pauline helped me to find and bring out the best in myself through her thought-provoking prompts, challenging questions and insightful observations; delivered in such a considered and non-judgemental way. I finished with a much stronger sense of what my purpose is, where I find fulfilment and the strengths I have to offer. With a wealth of personal career success and experience to assist her, and an extensive list of reading recommendations for anyone looking to develop themselves, Pauline’s coaching is invaluable, and I highly recommend her.’

‘Over the course of six sessions Pauline helped me define and set specific goals I wanted to accomplish. That encompassed career goals as well as personal well-being. Every session was followed up with a summary and action plan. Both of which helped me a great deal. Pauline is extremely focused, well-structured and cares about you and your progress. I highly recommend her coaching program.’

“Thanks to Pauline I have discovered my purpose. She gave me great clarity, joy, ease, peace of mind and understanding how to live my purpose on a daily basis. I felt I was totally gotten, listened to and understood. The experience was all about me. Her presence and deep listening helped me to clarify with ease many areas that were distracting me from progressing further.”