• Enabling ambitious people to create sustainable success with balance


I enable driven people to balance their ambition with wellbeing, meaning and joy to create sustainable success. Do I have it nailed? No. Do I have a wide range of experience and skills to share? Yes. You can read more about my story here

My goal is to create an optimal coaching environment using my natural presence, empathy and incisive questioning, to enable people to drive their own change, often on a fundamental level.  In addition to my standard coaching toolkit, I draw on the tools and techniques I have personally used to achieve a successful and fulfilling career and manage my wellbeing.

Are you an ambitious person who feels like there is something missing, is at a crossroads or has lost their mojo?

Are you a business owner looking to grow, create a compelling vision and balance competing demands?

Are you an HR professional who wants to prioritise the overall wellbeing of your leaders to drive results?

My clients achieve results and rate their coaching experience highly

It is critical that each ambitious client defines what balanced success is for them – you can read individual success stories here. I help people to identify their needs and tap into what motivates them to help make positive change. Here is a visual representation of my average results and impact to date:

Client rating of their intrinsic motivators before and after coaching

FOLLOW JOY (before)

Client rating of their overall experience and my core coaching skills


[Both graphs based on average ratings to April 2020]