• "Pauline helped bring clarity to my plans for my business, and definitely cleared cobwebs from my brain"

Success stories

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly fantastic people, businesses and organisations through my coaching, advisory and advocacy work and I’m honoured to have received some excellent comments and endorsements from them.

The best way to get a feel for how I can help you or your organisation is by reading the success stories from my coaching clients and finding out more about my featured advisory and advocacy work below.

‘Over the course of our sessions, Pauline helped me to find and bring out the best in myself through her thought-provoking prompts, challenging questions and insightful observations; delivered in such a considered and non-judgemental way. I finished with a much stronger sense of what my purpose is, where I find fulfilment and the strengths I have to offer. With a wealth of personal career success and experience to assist her, and an extensive list of reading recommendations for anyone looking to develop themselves, Pauline’s coaching is invaluable, and I highly recommend her.’

‘Thanks to Pauline I have discovered my purpose. She gave me great clarity, joy, ease, peace of mind and understanding how to live my purpose on a daily basis. I felt I was totally gotten, listened and understood. The experience was all about me. Her presence and deep listening helped me to clarify with ease many areas that were distracting me from progressing further.’

‘I gained so much more confidence being able to talk to someone who I didn’t feel judged by, this allowed me to break through old negative beliefs in order to move forward. It gave me confidence to move forward professionally and personally. I found the whole process fascinating and feel I understand my self on a deeper level as It gave me a safe platform to explore and unlock my inner blocks that were holding me back. I found having my own words spoken back to me very cathartic and insightful. It has had a profound effect on me and how I wish to direct my life in the future.’

‘Over the course of six sessions Pauline helped me define and set specific goals I wanted to accomplish. That encompassed career goals as well as personal well-being. Every session was followed up with a summary and action plan. Both of which helped me a great deal. Pauline is extremely focused, well-structured and cares about you and your progress. I highly recommend her coaching program.’

‘I’ve had the pleasure of having coaching with Pauline and it’s been an amazing experience. She’s helped me get clarity on which way I want to take my project and what are the next practical steps. She also made me realise what personal beliefs were stopping me from achieving my goal. But most importantly, she provided amazing support and a non-judgemental space so I was able to explore all possibilities and choose the one that works best for me (based on my skills and my values). Overall the experience I’ve had with Pauline was priceless.’

‘I met Pauline through a mutual PR contact and we arranged a coaching session. My session with Pauline helped bring clarity to my plans for my business, and definitely cleared cobwebs from my brain! A dusting of the brain cells which has helped me see a clearer way forward. She even followed up with a nice infographic for my business which is now on my mood board.’

‘Pauline is great coach, the session helped me to organise my thoughts in a clear and structured way. With a wide breadth of knowledge and experience and keen to maintain a variety of work as I moved into consultancy, I was struggling to define my ‘elevator pitch’ in a clear and succinct way. Within an hour she’d helped me achieve real clarity and I can now articulate my business proposition in a concise manner with confidence. Thank you!’

‘Pauline worked with me as my coach, looking at my professional and personal life. I really enjoyed the coaching process and particularly enjoyed working with Pauline.
I was able to address a number of professional and personal challenges successfully with Pauline’s assistance.
For anyone looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Pauline.’

‘I was lucky enough to receive some coaching from Pauline recently – I’m in the process of setting up a social enterprise and was feeling stuck. Pauline quickly got to the nub of the matter, and through her careful and clever questioning, high empathy and supportive approach, helped me unlock the way forward. A brilliant coach, Pauline gave me the direction and confidence to move ahead at speed and create a successful business. Thank you!’

‘I was very lucky to have Pauline as my coach over the past few months which was highly valuable to me as I navigated changes to my work environment and help me decide the way forward. I found the coaching experience gave me space to think about what the key drivers were for me in my work, my values and priorities and put these these thoughts into action. I am in a very different place coming out of the 10 sessions than I was going in, Pauline’s calm, reflective approach and powerful questioning played a big part in the positive changes i have made. Thank you Pauline!’

am a Non-Executive Director for The Union private members club. My role is to constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy, performance, risk and people.

I act as an advisor for a hospitality group start-up. I was onboarded to help create a conceptual vision for the business by building purpose, values and strategic focus areas for them.

‘HFG were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of Pauline speaking at our annual Women In Insurance event, held in celebration of International Women’s Day. Pauline captured the room within seconds and spoke in detail about how to re-frame a limiting encounter, in to an empowering experience that would help benefit others. Pauline has a natural ability to emanate optimism and her talk certainly left a lasting positive message amongst the attendees. Pauline’s approach helps to bring clarity to everyday challenges, and how we can move towards tackling change and self-development with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Thank you, Pauline!’

I was invited to be a guest speaker at the IBW Women in Insurance summit, discussing why every workplace should be striving to create a mentally healthy workplace that is free from stigma and addressing simple steps that individuals and companies can take to create a culture where it is ok to not be ok.

In 2019 I was recognised as a role model for my openness on the subject of mental health on the InsideOut Leaderboard – a social enterprise with a mission of ending the stigma of mental illness in the workplace by working with leaders willing to speak about their own experience.

I serve as a coach for She Leads Change. A transformative approach to leadership for women driving change and innovation. It allows change-makers to better hear their own voice, inform choices, navigate relationships and engage positively within existing systems.

I was honoured to be the Executive Sponsor for the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) programme at Liberty Specialty Markets. My responsibilities included oversight of D&I strategy development, diversity events and the set-up of employee networks.

The Lord Mayor’s appeal wants to create a city that is inclusive and open to everyone. I represented Liberty Specialty Markets on the Power of Inclusion Senior Leadership Forum, which was set up to collaborate for change, including organising events like She Can Be.